Group 1

Bharath Kumar 0083/49
Bibhuti Anand 0088/49
Challa Himanshu Reddy 0096/49
Gagandeep Toora 0118/49
Suman 0349/49
Indian Low Cost Air Carriers
A Strategic Marketing Project


The Indian economy has grown at an average rate of around 8% in the last decade. The rise in business and leisure travel (both domestic and international) due to this growth, India emerging as a major origin and destination for international travel have all had a significant impact on commercial aviation in India. According to the airports authority of India (AAI), the passenger traffic is expected to grow at over 20% in the next five years. Since 2003 there has been sharp increase in both domestic and international traffic carried by and in capacity of Indian carriers.
On the supply side, since 2003, when low fare travel in India was ushered in, a number of low cost carriers (LCC) have entered to serve this fast growing market. However, all of the LCC carriers and?