It’s been 19 years since School Sucks went live. We were young and had a crazy idea. School Sucks played a cool role in the 90’s internet scene. Meetings on the beach, travel, great advertisers and a few good mentors. What an adventure!

What did we get from it all? Great memories and the experience of a lifetime. We didn’t know it at the time, but we gained skills that still help us in our careers. “School Sucks” may have been a rebellious website, but it was also a business with all that entails.

When School Sucks was founded in 1996, we never thought we’d still be talking about it 19 years later. Over the years, we’ve moved onto other things and wish our original fans and users all the best!

We leave you with a look at some of our favorite School Sucks graphics.

I Hereby Agree That School Sucks 1999

Logo 1998

Top Navigation Bar 2 2000

Main Page 1999

School Sucks Forever